Bag your Rag aims to reflect its “BOUTIQUE IN A CAFÉ” origins by showcasing its stylish collection of contemporary clothing and accessories in a café / bistro setting.

Concrete brick, black iron and wood are the main materials used for the interior, a palette that inevitably creates an industrial and heavy feel that is nevertheless very tactile and inviting.

At the entry is bluecorrugated metal sheet wall with their logo and some blue print graphics lit by track lights on top. As one enters through metal and glass door on his left is the boutique and to his right is the cafe area with some indoor and outdoor sitting on terrace.

The industrial atmosphere is only reinforced by the rigid angular geometry of structural and decorative elements, exposed black painted ceiling.

Walls paneled in slabs of light colored ‘concrete’ riveted in place, exposed brick wall and matte concrete flooring of a similar pale grey shade provide a neutral backdrop. The retail area has been highlighted by wooden tile flooring in herringbone pattern with inserts of deep blue-green ceramic tile strip that runs throughout the space both in and out.


To brighten the otherwise somber interior, a couple of playful touches come into play such as the customized red and black bike from Jodhpur (that forms the center space), and of course the hard-to-miss jute rope geometric ceiling, evenly spread  bulb ceiling , blue chesterfield fabric sofa, blue metal chairs and aviator style copper storage consoles.

Although the design is minimalist in principle and the space sparsely furnished with uncluttered communal tables, it feels very cozy due to the designer’s unique approach and their special attention to detaillike the eye-catching solution for the clothes rails which are formed from plumbing pipes,tables made out of an old cast iron sewing machine base and wooden top and high bar table from industrial pipes and reclaimed wood and Bicycle paddle bar-stools.

The bathroom area

The abundantly day-lit interiors embrace a rustic and industrial aesthetic combined with a lively garden feel to the alfresco terrace area with raised deck and a variety of sitting arrangements create a comfortable atmosphere for people to relax and rewind while they watch their favorite matches on projectors or enjoy weekend live band shows.

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