Brown Sugar celebrates the “joie de vivre” with an exciting venue in this now trendy part of city in a space designed to reflect a distinctly French yet modern atmosphere.So we kind of approached the interior design in a slightly different way. With modern industrial theme in mind, we use more industrial patterns and materials such as subway look alike tiles, rough wooden tile for the floor in contrast with white and grey random patterned vintage Spanish tilesand customized hanging lights on every table seating.

The Brown sugar Cafe is the ultimate spot for anyone looking for a cozy cafe experience. With a warm timber off cut wall and ceiling, ceramic tiles, exposed brick wall,dark grey color exposed ceiling interesting lighting and delectable cakes and pastries lining the counter, this café looks like a place you could hang out all day long from breakfast through afternoon tea.

The design and decoration of this cafe was done with a lot of recycled and reclaimed materials. Timber off cuts from local furniture makers were used to create a puzzle like wooden wall and ceiling band highlighted with blue, white colored stripes with profile lighting as random inserts. These neutral tones contrasts with bold graphics and the vibrant colors of Brown sugar’s product range. Meticulously customized lighting fixtures and spotlights combine to create layers of light that complements the tones of the timber and tiles, creating an engaging environment. Even the smallest of details have been customized such as the laser cut letters on door handle.

The concept places the service counter at a central location, because this is where the processes of the café’s operations come together. This core function makes it a formative element that integrates all materials. Vintage ceramic tiles in L shape passage highlight the entry passage and entire length of the counter demarcating the sitting area from circulation which is also done by a low customized metal railing with wooden hand rest.



The counter is clad in timber slats, creating a natural color spectrum with a lively effect. The material of the carcass is timber wood with Corian counter top and an inserted long glass display case. The open wooden shelves in the background with grey linear (subway look alike) tiles dado, display an array of products.

Decorations were specially sourced and furniture all customized. The result is warm, cozy and even a touch bit rustic.Chair and tables are customized loose furniture. The visitor can choose to sit on elegant bright loose chairs or comfortable leather upholstered twin color sofa both with a view of the outside, for a social get-together. Table tops are wooden with interesting thoughts phrases etched onto it with metal bases with cycle paddles.  Wooden chair with red and cyan fabric finishes are used to enlighten the space.  An old scooter is painted blue and white, with headlights on it becomes a head turner perched above the loft over toilet block.

A thematically adapted ceiling element with eclectic lighting fixtures supports the cozy atmosphere.  Wooden beams suspended from exposed ceiling have track lights mounted on them, cylinder drums light the counter area.At the entrance outside and within the store window, customized metal rod lights and L shape downlights exudes a welcoming feel that draws people inside.

Point of sales is placed on the left of entry as a decorative wall as a part of design. Decorative corner is a wall with timber panel with open shelves and cabinet. The top of open shelves houses decorative pieces which are also for sale and lower shelves within reach are for bread display etc.

On the street outside separated by customized metal railing and vintage tile flooring is a small outdoor semi covered sitting, suspended metal box like structure with self-lit logo and striped awning, metal mesh chairs, and the continuoustransparent glass façade reveals a warm atmosphere to passers-by which – in a symbiosis of light and material – makes them want to stop by enjoy a coffee while they enjoy their favorite shows or matches live on projector mounted on exposed brick wall.

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