BURGER FARM offers “fast casual dining” in a quirky yet simple space with a basic brief to include the principles of honesty, simplicity, openness and creativity. A fast casual restaurant promises a healthier take on fast food, with fewer processed ingredients and more fresh produce. To create a fresh look to match, we started with a clean “desert” color palette of muted hues, a raw pallet of materials, getting back-to-basics, with bare brick walls, painted stucco wall texture, industrial lighting playfully laid out to create an interesting interior scheme that translates well both by day and night.

The open plan layout reflects the brand’s premise of being open about what goes on in the kitchen – allowing the customer to be part of the process. Important considerations for the designers were the flow of the self-service eatery and creating a synergy within the space.

Communal diningbuilt from industrial pipestable top of reclaimed pine wood makes up center of the dining area, with additional tables and leather sofa seating along a withered exposed brick wall and elegant different-height chairs and tables bring lively elements into this friendly place which provides a variety of seating options, from individual guest seating, to full-on, party spaces. Vintage steel stools and specially commissioned metal wall mounted tableson the sidewalk create the ideal spot for a quick coffee break.



The desert color palette is reflected in theivory stucco texture paint, withered grey brick walls,wooden rafter ceiling, cognacshade of the leather used for the seating , pine and mangowooden table tops. An interior element which can’t be missed is the striking arrangement of colorful hexagon tiles as flooring in muted shades of lightgrey, dark grey and wood brown,to counterbalance this strong visual feature, the rest of the flooring is simple wooden tile. A dash of color is added in the form of a graffiti of an animated farm scene on glass windows concealing a transformer behind and colorful upholstery and cushions.

To form an inviting façade to the restaurant it is simply designed with natural materials such as pine wood rafters with letters BURGER FARM cut and inserted with artificial green turf to give fresh and green farmcharacter. They chose to construct a large timberand glass see through openings with rounded edges, entrancedoor with roller pin handlethat connects the restaurant with the outside creates a bold statement as you walk in.

The entryisfor people to hangout in anon-airconditioned areathat overlooks the main road. It has pine rafters hanging from the celling with rice light stripes running all along adding to the glow.

A lot of lighting fixtures were customized like above the service counter, ceiling mounted metal rods were fixed along the length of the ceiling and as they reach the counters, they drop downon both sides to provide lighting to this section. Rustic hanging wood beam with mason jar lights, human figure bulb art andbrick wall illuminated by custom large old vintage style metal marquee letters lighting makes it the kingpin of this place.

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