Mediterranean house style is one of the architecture house styles that are used by people lately.

This Mediterranean house style is built to give the cool atmosphere in the warm area like Jaipur. Because Mediterranean house style type is kind of type of architectural house that can give cool and cozy atmosphere in warmer areas.

First thing this was kept in mind while designing this Mediterranean retreat was that the design should offer a unique look. The exterior of Mediterranean design is achieved by the walls painted in cream color that look contrast with the roof of the home. About the window that is used in Mediterranean design, the cases of the window are framed well by wooden frame.

As the key elements of the Mediterranean architecture the planning is done following the concept of asymmetrical floor plans. The planning is done in U shape as this condition allows courtyard access-able easily from various room in the house. The shape of the house also enables the open breeze flowing through the house.

To create a Mediterranean feel, it was designed with open floor and higher ceiling.

Terracotta roof tiles. The red clay roof tops give the homes a warm, earthy, rustic look. Often the roof lines are multi-level to create interest and asymmetry. This home features a turret.

Ornamental iron work. Finely crafted wrought iron work graces stair railings, gates, window grilles and lanterns.

Wooden doors and gates often feature iron details. These lanterns are typical Spanish Revival.

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